Metano Air Energy Private Limited provides sustainable solution to growing demands of fuel in energy sector within India. With growing emphasis on need for renewable energy resources, pollution free and eco-friendly environment, Our company is focused on providing solution for the same.

We provide sustainable services by producing Compressed Natural Gas popularly known as CNG through organic wastes. CNG can be widely used as fuel in Industries, Vehicles, Domestic cylinders and also as fertilizer (Organic Manure) for agricultural purposes.
We are also looking forward for importing latest technology in producing liquefied biogas equivalent to LNG/LPG.

The company has been registered and plant construction is under progress at Vijayapur,Karnataka,India.

Corporate office is located at Banaglore,Karnataka, India.

Organizational Structure

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO is responsible for day-to-day operations, and presents proposals for strategy, goals, actions and financial statements, as well as important investments.
Mr. Amit Hiremath is our President and CEO.

Vice President(VP)

The Vice President(VP) is responsible for the corporate improvement programme and for driving operational efficiency across Metano Air Energy business. The role of the VP organization is to drive consistent long term safe and efficient operational performance and value creation.
Mrs. Priya Amit Hiremath heads the role of Vice President of our organization.

Corporate Audit (COA)

Auditors help top leadership manage corporate affairs, providing guidance on various issues ranging from financial accuracy to internal controls to regulatory compliance. Auditors also help department heads identify tools and methodologies to improve operating activities, putting companies on a more financially sustainable path. Our Corporate Auditor is Mrs. Smriti Korlhalli.

Operations Team(OT)

Operations Team is responsible for running the day to day operations, maintaining profitable targets, ensuring consistency and being a part of senior management team. Operations of our company is managed by Mr. Channayya I Hiremath and Mr. Abhishek BM

Advisor Team(AT)

Advisor is an unique member who can provide valuable perspective general operations of organization. Advisers bring experience and expertise to the organization. This role is headed by retired ex-deputy director and manager of khadi and village industries commission ,undertaken by government of India,
Mr. Basavarj B Girimath